Saturday, May 19, 2012


Girl Scout 

So my good friend Tammie Robinson-Ynda's daughter Jessica is a die-hard seller when it comes to wanting to achieve her goal each year.  Well this year I mentioned to a few friends of mine that she was trying to achieve her goal and my friends once again kicked in to help her achieve it.  She ended up getting over $100+ of her goal and had a smile from ear to ear.  I've got some amazing friends that step up, regardless of what the request is.  Thank You!! 


Night View 


Day View

I simply love the simple things in life.  This tree was so tiny when we moved in and now it towers the front yard. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hump day, leap year and snow... 

Today was a crazy day for weather.... It started out with the wind blowing like no tomorrow, and then the magical white stuff put on a show.  The top tree is a tree that lines our main street and the bottom tree is a huge Willow tree that is across the fence from the front of our home.  I love this tree, and with the snow... gorgeous...  Happy Leap Year ~ February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pebbles vs Darth Vader.... 

Meet Pebbles, she's the one on the bottom and center... the other two pictures are Pebbles in the role of  Darth Vader.   Okay, stop scratching your head and I'll explain.  Pebbles has taken over the cap to my hairspray.. it's become one of her favorite toys.  When she put this in her mouth and it partially covers her mouth/snout - her breathing sounds like Darth Vader... she's so dang cute.  She wanted to make sure that she posed for you and showed everyone her cute smile.  

Monday, February 27, 2012



I love rocks... Interesting fact: When I was a little girl and we moved from California to Utah, we lived with my Grandparents until an apartment across the street from them opened up.  We pretty much knew all of the neighbors because my brother Reid and I would spend summers up in Utah while my mom worked two (2) jobs.   Two doors down from my Grandparents were the Keates -- very sweet people and very interesting. The husband was totally into rocks and even had a shed in the furthest back part of their backyard/driveway where he at all kinds of machines to cut, wash, rinse and polish them.  AMAZING!!  I remember as a kid picking rocks out after the process and holding onto them like they were going to be worth some money.  That was when I learned about pettified wood... Rocks will always remind me of my childhood.

Fast forward to today, Monday February 27, 2012.

I scheduled an appointment with our "TAXMAN" to have him do our taxes.. (lol)...  As Paul and I were sitting there talking to Christopher my phone went off... (how embarassing) and I leaned over to turn it off.  In doing so I pulled out my camera.  He looked at me kind of odd and asked "why are you carrying around your camera?".  I explained to him that I was doing this photo challenge and how it worked and that I just  took a picture of the rocks on the side of their home... He said, "Okay... "  I had to come up with a good one now and told him ~ "The reason that I took pictures of the rocks it to inform you that if we do NOT get a REFUND, I'm going to have to "stone" you.  I'm so glad that I can kid around with Christopher and that he dishes it right back to me... I really could never be mean.. I'm much to sweet!


Crafts, crafts and more crafts... 

Okay, I'm a crafting fool!!  I have got to be busy with my hands at all times or I' be up and down out of the chair or off the couch.  Since Paul likes to watch his shows and wants me to be with him... we have compromised.  He watches TV and I craft!!  Perfect ~ we both are doing what we like/want too do.  

Inez is my first Great Niece and my brother's (Reid) first Grand Daughter.  Inez was born exactly three (3) months to the date of our mother's passing at which brought some happiness back into our lives.  She is for sure our precious Angel.... 

This is part of my weekend craft that I finished up as well... the chick and large egg.  I love the bright colors that Easter offers.

The 'Lucky" door piece was another one of the weekend projects...  


"Love Blocks"........

Recently a couple of my cousins and BFF's came over for our "monthly" craft night and we either finished some crafts that were put on the back burner due to other obligations, or started some new ones (everyone does their own thing unless we all agree on one).... 

These love blocks were one of them.  Recently my good friend Christy Christensen was placed into a Developmental Team Manager position that would take her from having a morning shift with weekends off to a mid-afternoon shift with a weekend to cover every x amount of weeks.  What did that mean for her.... no Friday night crafts while in this position.  We lucked out for February and she had a "MOD" Manager on Duty schedule that would place her there in the morning and off by 5:30 pm.. YAY!!

I was excited for her to finish this project so that I had a reason to pull out my "cricut machine" and help her complete the project.  I think it turned out super cute!!